Saturday, July 1, 2017

June 30, 2017

A day of doing all but nothing–an odd experience for me. I did paint some, and was happy doing it. It’s a bit of an illness, like flu I suppose, though I never get the flu. It may be simple exhaustion, after last night’s pitched and mortal warfare. It may be phlebitis. It’s been so long since I was hit by that I almost don’t remember. Voting for exhaustion. I had a dream of going to a carnival, but all the attractions closed just as I was approaching them. Too on-the-nose. Afternoon of watching old movie bloopers on You Tube. Too exhausted to rise up and stop doing it.  Clouds of various hurrying gray.

. . . that moment when you’re lifting your coffee to your mouth, and you catch a glimpse of your life as it is, and realize that life cannot be lived.

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