Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 5, 2017

Continuation of the taming of the western terrace. One of the oddest things since the move was Will’s hauling the dirt he removed for his various construction projects and dumping it in my yard, along the streetside of the fence. I guess he figured it was my dirt and I would welcome it back. He wasn’t entirely wrong, but the dumping of it there was something which had to be redeemed. So I have been trying to do with new plantings and with allowing my old plants-- which came over, root or seed in the dirt-- to form stands, mostly lemon balm and green dragon.  So, healthy stands of echinacea, sunflower, a few red succulents, great columns of great mullein, green dragon, hawkweed., a grove of pokeweed whose fate I will decide later. A plausible wild garden to which I added pink rose-of-sharon that was half price at the hardware store by the river.. The comfrey had been languishing in the bamboo shade, so I transplanted it onto the terrace, where it can have at least afternoon light.

Sat in the High Five and wrote on Grendel. Cooked one of my eggplants.

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