Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 3, 2017

Realized when the noise began that I could watch the Grove Park Inn fireworks while sitting on my sofa.

Baked my first bundt cake– “Mint Julep Cake”-- inspired, I guess, by the quarter acre of mint devouring my yard. Used part of one stalk; I’d need to throw a mojito party for the whole neighborhood. Cake’s destined for Rich’s 4th party, which I seem to have decided to attend. Maybe I just wanted to bake the cake.

B phoned and she and her mate and a lady playwright whose name I’ve forgotten had dinner at Travinia. Excellent talk, actually, and excellent food. D, the Russian tribesman of some kind (she used to call him “my Indigenous”), still can barely speak English. He was much prettier 10 years ago; she is unchanged. They have been running a sort of B&B by a lake in Guatemala. We talked about the Pretensions of H. Happy to be back in touch. B is one of those people to whom interesting things seem to happen. Arrived early for the dinner, went to the bookstore, bought a few things, sat down to browse through my purchases and drink an iced tea, when a play leapt full-blown into my head. That is the best.

Made reservations with Liam to stay with him in Sligo.

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