Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 10, 2017

Princeton did a list of the 25 best universities for students who want to save the world, and UNCA was #1. You look around for the camera. . . .

Traveler’s haircut. . . the best haircut I’ve had in three years.  Reserved my airport driver (friends hauling me to and from the airport doesn’t seem to work for me, though evidently it does for others).

Intense gardening. Discovered that bamboo has TWO appearances when young, the fat purple spears which I recognize and obliterated, the frilly grass-like clumps which I let grown until I realized, today, what they are. Ferocious, exhausting hacking. Walking with the watering can between isolated new plantings. Discover the gil-over-the-ground is almost ineradicable.

Fed the fish in the pond. Lao Tzu, K’ung Fu Tsu and Siddhartha are all alive and speckled and well.

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