Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 28, 2017

Weeding, watering, writing, painting. I must remark that patience and perseverance have made me a better painter than I ever expected to be. It is not in my nature to prefer patience and perseverance over headlong assault, but there it is. Bright eyed kid from Hampden-Sidney University shows up in my studio. His aunt brings him to Asheville annually. He delights in my nature paintings. I tell him where to find more at Blue Spiral. At Hampden-Sidney each student takes four full years of rhetoric and writing. I want to see if that can happen at UNCA, or why it has not happened. But, do I stir things up so close to the end? They make sure every possible innovation is so hedged about with checks and balances people die or slump into stupors. Thought how the Boy was the vanguard of Trump, for me, anyway, making things deliberately and insidiously worse and then lying about it, then eliminating whoever calls him on the lies. A says his general nickname is “penis head.” So sorry I didn’t think of that myself. I wonder if, like Trump’s cabinet, he was appointed specifically to destroy the program, and I never caught on?  Bought food the cats hated, put it out for the opossums.

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