Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017

Yo Yo Ma’s Appalachian Waltz on Spotify.

Dream which ended in a remembrance of the moment when Mike Herhold and I won the “neatest campers” prize at summer camp in West Virginia. How deep was that buried?

When I close my eyes, image of a tulip sapling gleaming in a shaft of gold light.

Got my car washed. It was getting a little sickening inside. Contemplated the young man who was running the carwash–competent, polite, but also obviously on the edge of fury. Glad I came early.

Fairly good painting. Tried an Impressionist landscape. It looks like yellow mud. Ordered elegant papers. New studiomate, Geri, with lovely jewelry.

More weeding than I expected to do when I set to it. Close the eyes and see crabgrass.

The days, officially “free,” nevertheless get filled.

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