Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 15, 2017

Italian cartoons with talking slices of pizza and nose-picking dinosaurs. Made a last visit to the American bar, where I was comfortable. A British couple was playing cards. They looked sweet and content, 25 years together and still their best company. I blessed them in my heart. Knowing my last night in Venice, I walked and walked, saying to myself, “I’ll just peer down one more alley before I turn home. Just one more bridge over one more darkling canal.”

5:30– ensconced in the Titian Best Western, in a room that in most ways is superior to my room in Venice, except it is not in Venice. Walked down the street and bought horrible wafers from a grocery store, Real Italy, I suppose. The people were very sweet. Tired to the point of parody. . . .

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