Saturday, February 18, 2017

February 17, 2017

The concert turned out well, and to be much praised whether it was well or not. Animated (but still rather elementary) lecture of the persecution of homosexuals by the Nazis. A female voice announced my presence to the crowd. I was gratified, and found out later that the voice belonged to the Chancellor.  Passive-aggressive advisees who have not bothered to contact me or make an appointment complain about “not being able to find him.” Sitting around all day hoping that somebody needs me is a pathology I left behind years ago. See the list of office hours? Utilize it. I killed the last of the African violets transplanting it. Worried about W, who seems hunted and panicky, but perhaps that is his daily affect. Daffodils within half a week of blooming. If there were yellow crocodiles, we could call then daffodiles. . . . .

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