Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 7, 2017

Whiteness outside, a faint gleam on everything, as there is when there’s snow under the lights of the city. Beautiful. I love sleeping as the snow falls. Looked out my window at disturbance in my west yard. Two cars were pulled over there, a good Samaritan helping a woman to change a flat tire in the cascading snow. They struggled with the lug nuts, and the operation took along time. I shouted to them,”Do you have everything you need?” and the man who struggled shouted back, “yes.”

DJ and K and I at lunch. Our waiter was a woman with black hair on her chest, and her shirt open to show it. It is most of a day later and I’m still disturbed by this. The waiter said she moved here from New Jersey because nobody criticizes you here.  I don’t think she was talking about the hair.

Respond to the snow and the state of semi-shut-in-ness (meaning I could get out of I exerted myself a little) with an orgy of baking. Amazing how much can come out of just what happens to be on the shelf.

The Christmas tree is frozen in its basin and cannot yet be move to streetside.

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