Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 18, 2017

Woke very much earlier than I needed to, but I like that, the feeling of luxury lolling around in all that extra time, trying new positions in the bed, inviting the fantasies.

Trying for the third time to read through the Koran. Each time I’ve bogged down for the same reason. It’s just not stylistically engaging. No moments of dark majesty like the bible’s. It could be I have a flat-footed translation, or, as the Faithful would aver, it must be read in Arabic. In any case I fail to see how it inspired the sort of fanaticism it did and does. Maybe I’ve always stopped just short of the good parts.

Considering the gravel in my throat, and what if it’s not an anomaly but a permanent change, and how I’ll sound from now on. There goes singing and probably acting. Singing has been part of my self-image since the 7th grade, theater even longer. On the other hand, it will save me incalculable time, hours upon hours each week no longer at rehearsal.

Good first day of class. Eager mob in Enlightenment to Modern; eager mob of poets, a full class with some on the waiting list. My senior seminar is all women and all fiction writers.

Joyful morning turns into a watchful and restless night. I don’t know exactly why, except that the Signs from the Universe are all wrong just now.

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