Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 17, 2017

Hauled early to work to make syllabi and the like, was finished by the time the sun had fairly risen. Exhausted beforehand by the student questions that no forethought will prevent, questions too stupid to have been anticipated (yes, there are stupid questions), questions already addressed on the syllabus, questions that one should have left behind in high school. Maybe there will be one query tomorrow about something real. One waits for that. Rescued dying houseplants from various nurseries. One woman told me my prayer plant had too much water or too little, she couldn’t tell which. Heart-to-heart with the Almighty last night. You think that moments of such solemn intensity will change things overnight. If it did, I haven’t noticed. The Lord must be moved or He is not God, and yet He is not moved. One throws up one’s hands and goes about the business of the day.

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