Saturday, December 10, 2016

December 9, 2016

Woke from a dream of incredible energy, wherein I was painting up a storm based on a new image, which I remember: a man crawling on hands and knees, which the dream found mightily important.

Hear the windchime singing away n the garden, blown by this bitter wind.

Decorated the tree. Immovable with body pain by the end of the task; took two aspirin, the pain subsided. One is almost willing for the affliction if the remedy lies close at hand.  Wept when I took out of their tissue the decorations with the names of my dad cats. Covered the second little tree in my room with my spirit animals. Determined to do everything right.

Trump’s cabinet strategy is pure and simple: Appoint the enemy of the thing to be the caretaker for the thing. Appoint an enemy of education to head the Department of Education, an enemy of the environment to head the EPA, so on down the line. Were there no pacifists to make Secretary of Defense?

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