Saturday, December 24, 2016

December 24, 2016

Sending Night, Sleep to Carlos took a load off my heart. At he very least, what is out of one’s hands cannot be helped. I can think of everything that can go wrong with this project, barely imagine one thing going right. Nevertheless, I have made the move.

Downtown last night to meet C at Jack of the Wood in his brief sweep through town. He is constant, steady, hard-working, and like A deserves unusual success. He has fully conquered Chicago. His skin is like moonlight. Two others came, and we gossiped, a little about the museum culture here, mostly about the theater. Five hundred miles away, C is more current with the Asheville theater scene than I. We talked about various people prominent in the scene whom most everybody hates and have collected demeaning anecdotes about. In no case did I have similar feelings. I said about one in particular, “He hasn’t treated me like that at all,” and one of our companions responded, “That’s because he’s afraid of you.” The town was beautiful last night, twinkly and merry and inviting. I do love the nightlife, and the ease of sitting home with the remote in my hand makes me forget that.

Took cookies to Steve at the Phil Mechanic. He hugged me–hard and long, I must say–and said “I love you.” A curious thing: when people say “I love you” the first thing I think is “I love you back” if I do, but whether I do or whether I don’t, the second thing is always, “Why?”

Trying to get the 6th Canto transcribed before church.

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