Friday, December 23, 2016

December 23, 2016

Brilliant day. Took ten pages out of Night, Sleep, and the Dreams of Lovers, and I think it’s ready to send to the publisher. Tried to talk to my mailman, but he’s an ass. Who, under regular circumstances, would know that? Russell and DJ and I at the movies yesterday afternoon, the latest and by no means worst Star Wars. Disappointed by the finish of this season’s Project Runway. Remarkable dreams last night, sexual dreams, extended, playful, satisfying sexual dreams, not the usual thing for me. I woke once or twice and put myself back to sleep, to enjoy more of the dream. Signed the Night Music contract with Greensboro City Arts. Looking for the source of my unease, but it’s not visible. It may be pathological, or it may be prophetic.

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