Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 19, 2016

Was useless at the Cantaria concert, but kept flapping my jaws as though sound were coming out. Bought a humidifier, which turns out to be a giant vaporizer, which I’d cast off in disappointment in the past. This one is, at least, silent.

Weights at the gym, writing in the gym café, then writing in the High Five. Another Canto accomplished.

Taking out the trash, heard a rustling above my head, too loud for just a bird taking off from a branch. It was my red-shouldered wrestling with a squirrel. I think I startled the hawk and, this time, the squirrel won, clinging to the pine limb trembling as the great predator sailed away. I’m sure the squirrel is reassessing its life.

Huge naps with impossibly vivid dreams.

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