Saturday, December 17, 2016

December 16, 2016

Got through the Cantaria concert, but was only periodically an asset. The coating of mung in the throat was too profound.

Good work-out at the Racquet Club, good writing at the High Five while it was yet majorly dark.

My sassafras arrived in a long box, six feet of green wand with a little wad of frozen mulch on the root. Decided I must plant immediately, so went to the hardware store and bought soil and mulch. The boughten soil was frozen so that I had to bash it with the spade to get it around the roots, but the ground itself was soft and malleable, but for a lace of frost an inch below the surface. The spot is still lumpy, but rains are predicted, and I’ll trust them to settle the area. Maybe THIS is, finally, the last planting of the year.

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