Thursday, September 8, 2016

September 7, 2016

From the editor at Transcendent Zero Press: I  judged from your poetry that you are a scholar and a serious student of Biblical texts, as well as Jewish writings.

I love your poems. They tantalize, intrigue, and stupefy the imagination a bit so it has to run around its own corners. The poems are lovely.

I have to admit, though, of the first poem I can't make heads or tails-- is it intended to have political consequences? Today's political strife would definitely drive one to write. Or is this a broader religious/spiritual truth you aim at? I wrote a short writing about the future of poetry and how it would illuminate the "poverty of our lives" using common waste and formal structure as one. I mention this because perhaps the poem is stretching a common conception that Earth is a place of doubt, a "purgatory" of sorts.

I have to admit I can't decide between these poems and would be happy to publish them all in our winter edition, due December 15.

Dustin Pickering, Editor-in-Chief

also, on the same day:

Congratulations, Night Music has been selected to be the next New Play Project and will receive a full production from the Drama Center January 19-22 as the kickoff event for the 15th Annual Greensboro Fringe Festival. This year was a very competitive process, and I was excited when the panel had placed your script into the top five for me to read. I love the descriptive/poetic dialogue and progression through time and relationships. Phil, Cleve and Jesse create a complex and beautiful world, ripe with emotion and the anxiety of growing. I’d love to find a time for us to talk over the phone, get to know each other and go over some of the nuts and bolts of the NPP and the award. We have not sent out a press release yet, but will most likely tomorrow or the Tuesday after Labor Day ( in hopes of garnering a little more buzz!). For that we’d love it if you could send a brief Bio and preferred “Head Shot”.  A synopsis of Night Music would also be helpful Please feel free to reach out if you have any immediate questions, I am looking forward to working with you and Night Music.

Todd Fisher, City Arts Coordinator, Drama Center Director
Parks and Recreation

City of Greensboro

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