Friday, September 30, 2016

September 30, 2016

Weeks now the sewer-and-road men have closed the street, opened the street, ruined the street, shoddily repaired the street; now great machines run up and down poxing it with little holes and making the traffic pile up on either side, while a little man in an orange vest at the edge of my lawn screams into a communicator. You want to walk out and say, calmly, “that’s enough, now,” and make them all go away.
Rose late this morning, past 7:30, rushed to school without ablutions, discovered I had forgotten the DVD I meant to play for class, turned around, drove home, used the toilet, got the DVD, returned, and had time to chat with Sam for a moment even yet before class began. The DVD was Genius, a quite good view of Thomas Wolfe and Max Perkins in New York. It made me weep with my face turned away from the room.
Email from a student to the administration thanking me for being “understanding and professional” as she was going through problems in her life. Glad that it evens out a little bit.
A week from now The Birth of Color will have premiered at the Kicelli and I will have been in Hungary for a full day and more.

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