Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016

Little bulldozers devour the pavement in front of my house. One of them digs into the strip of grass between my holly wall and the street. I go out and ask “Did you lose something?” and the big handsome sewer guy smiles and says they’re looking for the phone cables, etc, which should be, and miraculously are, right there. No danger to my hollies after all, but I think losing the end of the drive cannot be avoided. They put the barriers every which way to keep from limiting access to my drive, and I’m grateful.
I rather like bulldozers, when I think of it.
Sicut cervus Sunday morning. Music could have stopped at Palestrina and been perfect.
Paradise Lost at 8 AM.  Though I tried manfully to stave it off, but burst into tears reading the last twenty lines or so of Book 12. I think the point was made. One student said she rode somewhere with her mother and spent the whole time talking about Paradise Lost.
Tired and buzzing with electric intensity at the same time. I don’t remember this.
Photos online of my niece Beka looking stunning at her wedding.

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