Monday, September 12, 2016

September 11, 2016

The Anniversary. Thomas preached this morning, and remembered watching the destruction of the Towers from a bus station in Honduras. I think the Towers and Islam are a little like myself and the yellow jackets. Once stung, the enemy becomes implacable, even cruelty able to look like justice and protection.
    You should not have stung.
    But it was our only way to fight back.
    You should not have stung. I cannot sleep until the nest is rooted out.
The cleaning lady finally managed to demolish the shower apparatus, doing so in such a way that it fell apart, finally, at the ghost of a touch, when I was inside of it, naked, prancing around trying to keep fifty pounds of plate glass from shattering. Managed it, but only just. Warned a dozen time not to touch the outer glass panel, she tried to pull it shut, loosening all the fittings, so when I walked into it, it was balanced on a film of air. 

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