Friday, August 5, 2016

August 4, 2016

Have not missed a dawn at the gym this week. Came home and decided to do something about the dirt Will has been piling against my streetside fence. It’s a “gift” to me, but also keeps him from having to pay to have it hauled away. I hoed the grass and weed sprouts out, smoothed it out so it’s less of a ridge and more of a gentle mound, planted a pink hydrangea, pink anemone, and a lady fern. It can turn into the shady garden he mentions each time he dumps more dirt. While excavating, I saw movement in the grass and discovered the first toad I have seen in North Carolina. There on my land. I edged him under the fence into my garden proper. Such is the state of my life that seeing the toad is turning out to be the major blessing of my week. I do not undervalue the toad. I just call on the Powers to bear witness.

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