Friday, August 5, 2016

August 3, 2016

Will’s first Discernment meeting last night. My first impression the last couple times I’ve done this is of almost pathological order and systemization. How is the Holy Spirit meant to speak through all the checks and baffles and procedures? But my second thought, this time, is how well the same thing might work for other disciplines. What if we grilled someone who said they wanted to be a writer or an actor or an artist on their preparedness, motivation, spiritual readiness? Made them write essays and keep notebooks. Made them convince us. Might eliminate a lot of bad art. Most of the artists I know have little or no stringent preparation. The odd thing is, some of those who do are no better than those who don’t. Have no idea what to do with these impressions, except start my own school, for which there is, presently, no energy.

Daily showers of rain are bliss to me.

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