Monday, August 29, 2016

August 27, 2016

The plays in Tacoma got a review on a blog, though, of course, my play was the one not so much as mentioned. They’re streaming tonight’s performance. Was disgusted when 7:30 came and there was nothing on the screen, until I realized Tacoma’s 7:30 is not my 7:30. For a while there was a shot of an empty stage 3000 miles away. Even that was exciting. Now a couple is rehearsing their scene, and it is terrible; that is oddly comforting. Planted swamp hibiscus I got cheap at the tailgate market. Attended the Cantaria “cook-out.”The place was so hard to find the level of enjoyment never quite caught up. Enraged every time someone sends me the notice of a new meeting, a new task. Will have to stop checking e-mail.
Brad advertises a “burning desire for authenticity.” Can’t even imagine what that is.
But the blessing is a screech owl calls in the trees above the pond in the hour just before dawn.

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