Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 16, 2016

Up bright and early with the thought, “it’s the week before classes; there must be meetings I should be going to,” to discover that I had already missed, the day before, the important one. One hopes befuddlement will be blamed rather than bad intentions. On the other hand, months ago I promised to do a theater-based workshop to help new students ease into their college experience. This I remembered and had prepared for, but when I inquired as to where it would be, I was told that the organizers “had no idea what the parameters of a workshop with you” would be, and so had cancelled it. I had actually avoided going away this last week in order to fulfill that responsibility. I wondered what part of “yes” had been confusing to them. Oh well. Who knows what goes through the junior administrative mind.
More planting. The size of the garden is getting a little daunting, until it is all mulched and brought under control.
Investigated Monday the ruined yellow jacket citadel, and saw one lone worker pushing a grub across the dirt. Was the grub alive? Whether or not, it was a scene out of some profound and ruinous tragedy– a mother bearing her dead baby through the ruins–and I had to look away.

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