Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016

Early morning– back to health, back to rising before the sun.

My simmering hatred of the refrigerator Stewart left behind for me came to a boil today, and I went to buy a new one. Realized as I was standing in front of the fridge selection at Lowe’s (big sale, apparently) that the stout wooden frame someone had build around my fridge was going to keep me from replacing it with an appliance of modern size. The box added storage space above, but also was badly measured (or measured for a previous appliance)  and made the fridge set about three feet out in the middle of the floor. Came home, disassembled the wooden frame I’ve loathed since the day I moved in. Done in half an hour–partially because of the remodeling shows on TV which demonstrate the efficacy of a good wallop with a hammer. Shiny new steel fridge arriving tomorrow.  I note this because I broke my old habit of never trying DIY within the house. Enjoyed doing this.

Almost ill with joy at not having to drive to Waynesville this evening.

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