Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5, 2016

Gentle rain. Home after rehearsal. I don’t think rehearsal is a good time to work on memorization, but I’m not running things.

Speaking of rehearsal, I was cast as Caiaphas in Jesus Christ, Superstar at HART not only without auditioning for it, but without being told that it had happened. Missed the first week of rehearsal before everything was cleared up. Miraculously, the Denver trip does not conflict fatally, and I can feel my recovery far enough along to sustain a new round of rehearsals. Friday night was very telling, for I was nearly as sick as one could be, and Saturday morning quite well enough to go on. Was it a massive infection finally turned? I don’t know. But tonight I could sing the sustained notes effortlessly, and  I climb to my study with only the gout reporting peevishly in.
The white heron iris took four year to bloom, but they are blooming tonight looking–yes, like a white heron in flight. I planted them across the street at 62, moved them over, and their third summer here they have come forth in glory. I’m sure this is supposed to be a lesson to me.
I could finish Lexington Tract tonight if I were diligent. I don’t think I will be diligent.

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