Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 17, 2016

Finished revision of LT. Indoors most of the day, watching clouds form and reform through the tiny study window.
The mowers were berserk this time, cutting growth at the corners, taking a wild ride in the wild garden off the side of the drive, where they have never mowed before, where I didn’t want them to mow. It was my meadow. Nor did they even mow it all, as they would if they thought they were supposed to, but like vandals, took a few swipes and left the rest. Inexplicably sorrowful. 
Bob Rufa has died, he who was unfailingly kind to me, respectful of my gifts, interested in what I was doing. He was the first to hire me to do reviews for MountainXpress. At times like this you say, “But he just Facebooked me a couple of days ago,”which is quite true. I know nothing of the details. May it have been swift and merciful.

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