Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 15, 2016

Sultry day. Tiny rain last night will get the garden through to the tiny rain expected tonight. The sky darkens hopefully.

At rehearsal last night, my part was probably the least well memorized of anybody’s, but I made it through.

All the dates this week are palindromes. 6/15/16

MAHEC yesterday, refinement of my understanding of the endoscopy report: bleeding ulcers beside the hiatal hernia caused the anemia. They’re not bleeding now. The terrible muscle cramps are diminishing, too. I don’t want to say “gone” for that would tempt them back.

Lunch and gossip with Kermit and DJ.

Cyrus the Golden swam into the filter. This gave me the opportunity to lift him out and restore him to the pond. He was warm and soft, like wet silk. 

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