Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016

Wicked raccoons despoiled the tool shed last night. I heard them, but couldn’t gather myself to interfere. Things were strewn about. I thought it was just mischief until I tried to feed the fish, and discovered that the fish food was gone, and the turtle food, in whole bags and plastic containers. I don’t even know where the varmints took their spoils. Planted a large lime hydrangea, which might be my last big planting of the season. Maintenance from now on.
Missed Hugo’s party last night because I thought phlebitis was joining in with the rest of the lot. Maybe it was, but I beat it away. Still capable of heroic naps, but the sick edge is off the exhaustion, and I can breathe better. Perfect Memorial Day, peaceful, immense sagas in the clouds. Writing hard on the Asheville book.

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