Monday, May 16, 2016

May 15, 2016

Pentecost. I coud use a tongue of flame, not the least because it is a    freezing morning–not literally, but in the sense that I had to close the windows and listen to the furnace snap on. Hard to type upstairs for the shuddering.
Spent at least an hour online with Keith (I think it was) from Lewiston, Maine, who was helping me reinstall Carbonite on this calamitous computer.
Discovered that Mercury had taken refuge in the filter/pump area. I removed him, put him back in the pond. Five minutes later he was back in the pump pool. Did this three times, until I realized he had not been sucked in against his will, but desired to be there, I suppose because it is enclosed and he feels safe. Decided to let it be. At least I’ll know where to find him. As far as I can tell, Minos has permanently defected. I hope he found the greater water.
Bad night, spiritually turbulent and in real physical distress. Rose, however, well.

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