Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 12, 2016

Mercury the red slider arrived in his tiny box yesterday. Everything about him was tiny. He could hide under a 50 cent piece. I held him in my hand and he tried to dig with his little feet, tried to push my fingers apart with his tiny head. Trying to get down, down. I took him to the pond, and a second after I’d set him on a rock, he dived for the water. I could see him hiding beside a tub of waterlilies. He came to the surface, breathed a while, then reversed and headed for the abyss.
Showered, dressed for rehearsal last night, drove to church but didn’t go in. Curious.
A tadpole was clinging to a lily pad, maybe trying out his new lungs.
Finished Antigonus early this morning.
Did some hoeing. Lacking in ambition, deciding that’s all right for now.
Day of variegated perfection. 

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