Friday, April 8, 2016

April 8, 2016

Continuation of violent, strangling coughing, at the end of which I go lightheaded.  The doctor said “You’ll get over it.” Don’t think so.
Excellent workout, pumping away on the elliptical while studying my lines. Worked on a reminiscence in the gym café.  Stupendous work at the studio. Project Runway, the TV show, inspired me to work in cloth, and the results are, to this point, delightful. Steven set up an “opening” for us for tomorrow night at Phil Mechanic, so maybe I’ll have one finished by then. Returned home to find two guys had already begun digging my pond. I said “I think you have the wrong house.” One guy went white; the other grinned and said, “Well, do you want a pond?” Mr Delay delayed not in handing me a contract and asking for a check. Interesting levels of dirt in the yard. . . great chunks of still-living walnut root. . . urban archaeology. . . no dinosaurs yet. Yet one more freeze threatened for tonight.

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