Friday, April 8, 2016

April 7, 2016

Free for a moment, I drove to Togar’s and bought two beautiful rugs. D wasn’t there, so they let me take the rugs without paying until she should set a price. Wow. Stopped by NCUR at UNCA and heard S give her presentation on WWI novels written by women. She was poised & everything she needed to be. The girl before her was at pains to prove that Milton thought Eve the more upright and responsible of our first parents. Took all the kids from Houghton College to Marco’s afterwards for pizza and much conversation. S is S’s daughter. I knew her before she was born. I knew her mother when she was married to someone other than her father. I knew– but then, I didn’t know her. Might not have picked her out of a crowd until she spoke. Amazing. I mentioned that Asheville is Beer City, and they responded, almost as one, “We’re Wesleyan!” I reminisced that I had spent time in the Lamb, the pub in Oxford where the Wesleys invented Methodism, most certainly over a glass of port. The information passed over their heads into the void.

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