Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 28, 2016

Turbulent days.  Fixed upon the pond, to have it right. To Kung and Lao Tse I added the small golden koi Egypt, Sumer, and Akkad. All of them vanished instantly and became invisible fish. Yesterday it entered my heart to have turtles, which cannot be caught or bought locally, but only by the mail. I have a red eared slider and a razor backed mud heading my way through the aether. To prepare for their coming I bought a shoal of feed minnows. These I saw in the morning– before there was direct light on the water– and under them Sumer and Akkad moving in the very deepest places. Added water iris. God-like Nick came and gave me a surprisingly cheap estimate for removing the north fence. Waiting for the arborist to come and give me an estimate on removing the last of the sour walnuts. Got a cheap, ugly haircut. I sleep all the time. I have become a cat.

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