Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 21, 2016

Catastrophic rehearsals turn slowly into decent rehearsals, and there is one night left before an audience. Share the dressing room with two beautiful boys (and others, but you look at some, and not so much at others) with a sense of gratitude. I wonder what it’s like to look like that all your life, or even part of it. Must give you an ease and a sense of belonging that I have never felt. Leontes, Hermione, Perdita, all quite good. Paulina draws out her revelation scene (maybe it’s just uncertainty with the lines) until you’d rather hang yourself than see the woman finally come to life.

Coffee with DG, after a year or so. Made me happy to be with him.
Bought two bluish silver, deeply speckled fish, whom I named Kung and Lao Tse. They’re the pond’s first macroscopic inhabitants. Bluish silver speckly is apparently the one color which matches the bottom of the pond best, and I have not seen Kung and Lao Tse since I dropped them in the water.

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