Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 16, 2016

Got a bucket of water from the little circular pond near Beaver Lake, to innoculate my pond with whatever protists might have been abiding in that bit. I would have lingered, maybe found a tadpole or two, but the area was overrun with birders. Why does bird watcher talk always sound so idiotic? W came over for a chat, and because I promised him my cattle trough, now superceded by an actual pond.  He remarked on the rich soil I left him, which he is digging up and taking to his school garden in Swannanoa, to be replaced by raised beds in his front yard.  The fence was, I thought, so his girls could have a space to practice tumbling, but now I guess they do that among the raised beds. All in all, a very eccentric use of my old house. The neighbors must remark---

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