Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 14, 2016
Rose late in the middle of vivid dreams. Went to High Five to study lines and write, and then it was a day of gardening. Planted all the bulbs- callas, dahlias, etc– that had been in the truck for a week or so, and may have been killed by the heat of it in daylight. We’ll see, but I decided to give all of them a chance. Went shopping at the two sides of the city and came home with hydrangea (to replace the ones the diggers killed), bellflower, and two stick-like paw-paws. Planted, watered, watered, watered, napped, and now it is time to start my evening. Maud sets her paw down on the back of a stinkbug, picks it up, inspects the bug to see if she has done any damage. Smell of summer in the still air.  

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