Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 1, 2016

Lying on my sofa in the living room, I stare through a 15-paned glass door, behind which is a stand of interweaving dogwood and redbud and the dark irregular lines of the branches that uphold them. One afternoon it was rainy and the background was steel gray, and I thought there could be nothing more beautiful than that, until another day, when the background was blazing azure, and I was sure nothing could be more beautiful than that.
So distraught and behind today that I almost cancelled classes, but didn’t, and had among the best days in class, ever. Finished the work I needed to do in a tenth the time I’d given myself. My drama class’s mini dramas are fun and far more advanced than I expected. I knew more about everything than I expected to. The moon I loved all through March hides her head away.

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