Thursday, March 3, 2016

March 3, 2016

Rejected again from Valdez, also. It has been quite a week. Stood in fury in my kitchen before sunup, like a mouse raging before the descending talons of the hawk. Exhausted, which is good before a flight.

Ran some more initialed or signed documents to the attorneys. Will squirms and tinkers to get a better deal for himself. Postpones Monday’s closing in order to shave 85 cents off his monthly payment. I sent an email saying we close today or the deal is off:

Dear Patrice-- Thank you for your long effort in this matter. I will either fax or personally bring by these documents this morning. Let me say that I will not countenance any changes to the agreement now before us. I will not be initialing, signing, or considering changes in anything else. All changes and all delays have been to Mr. R's benefit-- after his having received, I think, spectacularly favorable terms from the beginning-- and though I have gone along with every one, the one requirement I had from the outset-- for dispatch-- will now at last be honored. This business must and will be finished on March 3, 2016. If it is not, I will have no alternative but to cancel our agreement and put 62 Lakeshore on the open market.

I’ll be blamed for being abrupt and impatient. If they knew what a rage I was in moments before I sent the message, they would think me clemency itself.
I suppose I have felt worse than I do now, but not often, and here I step into an airplane and take all that with me, or perhaps by some miracle leave it behind.

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