Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 22, 2016

Huge bright moon through the frigid night. Saw it rise over Waynesville, where the new HART theater rises beneath in fragrant woody glory. First read-through of The Winter’s Tale last night unexpectedly convivial and enriching. Ignored the sound of my phone receiving text messages which I feared were– and which turned out to be– other actors asking for rides. I wanted at least one night to go by when I was not the unpaid taxi service.

Preparing poems for contests and submissions, exclaiming over and over, “God! That’s a good poem!” A kind of gratitude.

Intuition led to research that led to my discovery that the physical woes of the last few months: exhaustion, near incidents of passing out, dehydration and the drain of electrolytes leading to excruciating muscle cramps– are being caused by my blood pressure medicine. Almost no such thing as the absence of unanticipated consequences.

Duke Power shuts off my power– on a day given over to writing on the computer-- to install a lightning rod on the utility pole on my property. I suppose I’ll be grateful when I’m not being struck by lightning.

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