Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 21, 2016

Retired early, so the dreams at morning were vivid and turbulent. Most of them seemed to be about waiting for something– for the gate and departure time to be announced at the airport, for friends to decide on what to do for the evening. While I waited for the latter, I decided to take a hike. I crossed one wooded valley here and emerged on the other side in Washington State. I wondered if crossing back again would get me home or some third place, but before I discovered that, I explored a rambling estate of some kind, buildings and outdoor sections, with animals and children playing in it. I heard adults coming, and I was afraid, trying to get out the door before they caught me, when I woke.
Huge oblong moon in the west when I went to the gym. A car drove into the Racquet Club driveway covered in snow. Our skies were clear, so I couldn’t figure where he’d come from.

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