Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 29, 2016

Offered the role of Camillo in Winter’s Tale even though I missed auditions last weekend. I think I’ll probably say yes. The size and intensity of Leontes exhausted me, and yet I knew if I auditioned I’d have to audition for the lead. This might work out well, and it’s nice to be asked.

Closing postponed again. I was given a number of times to come on Thursday, when I will already be in the air heading for Europe. Ludicrous, murderous, wasteful. A comedy routine by now, though I am not yet quite laughing. W comes to the house to “make it right” somehow, but the only thing to render this right is if it had been over twenty five months ago. People apologize, and then commit the same offense. Baffling.

Half moon and brilliant cold stars.

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