Thursday, March 17, 2016

Blessed St. Patrick

March 17, 2016
Blessed Patrick. Wore my green to the work-out. Quite good day at the studio, with the example of van Gogh and the flawless Netherlanders in recent memory. Planted tuberose, black lily, variegated mollis, though a strange exhaustion (that was with me in Amsterdam) hindered activity in the garden somewhat.

Stephen, whose snubbing of me in Dublin is one of the bitterest recollections of my life (and, I think now, I have never returned) Facebooked me to say his band, the Young Irelanders, is touring the US, and wouldn’t I like to come to a show? Happens that there’s on in Statesville, and yes, I said, I will go to that. All that is grand on its own, but to be back in touch is a healing and a redemption.
Peaches and nectarine in bloom. The poor sad magnolia I dragged from 62 put forth one big ragged flower.
Horrible piano music on Spotify, which I’m listening to as a sort of penance. Downloaded Android Pay, where I can pay for things by touching my phone onto the merchant’s screen. Whoever saw these things coming?

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