Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 21, 2016

Saturday was one of those days that makes me feel I should retire, for it was so full and calm and accomplished. Would every day be like that if I retired? Early morning writing at home and at the High 5, breakthroughs in both theater and fiction. Then off to Depot Street for a self-guided tour of the new studios I had not yet seen. Then up to my own studio to paint until the throbbing in my shoulder was too great. Not much more than half the day was used up, and I had accomplished mightily. A children’s play was running in the Magnetic. I listened for a moment, glad I was not a parent, for that moment was enough to set my nerves on edge. Good for eight year olds; bad for me.
Yellow crocus in the lawn. Purple fists of hyacinth punching through the dirt.

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