Friday, February 19, 2016

February 19, 2016

Went to the office and signed the papers yesterday afternoon. The paralegal kept me waiting 20 minutes in the meeting room while she “got together some documents.” When she came in she looked so harried I decided to say nothing. Her boss was still fixed on getting the signed note from the bank to underline the signed note from the bank, and I still refused to fetch it, which means he has to pick up the phone and call them, poor thing. Paralegal said her boss remarked repeatedly on the deal W was getting. I don’t know whether he thought I was generous or insane. W says he lost his father at 20 and is counting on me to lead him through this. I suppose I have been rather fatherly, and if so, well. But, like most fathers, I’ll be glad when my son is completely on his feet and out the door where this is concerned.
Canceled class because of coughing so hard the muscles in my chest seize up– a new and wonderful gift from my body. But as soon as I sent the emails it stopped, and the day has been relatively cough-free. You’d think I’d enjoy a day off, but I have been restless and at loose ends. W postponed the closing again. The closing costs were more than he was prepared for. . .  though they were spelled out fairly accurately at the beginning. If it had been me, I would have held back on expensive remodeling and adapting until the house was actually mine. On the phone he kept the way open for me to say, “Oh, I’ll pay the damn closing costs,” but I didn’t. I’m trying to keep myself from sinking into the frenzy of frustration that I believe I have earned on this matter. Twenty-five months of delay with me saying from the outset that the only thing that REALLY mattered to me was dispatch.

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