Friday, February 19, 2016

February 18, 2016

Odd day, about half over as I write.
I thought I was in extraordinarily good voice last night at rehearsal. I was also exhausted, so maybe those things go hand in hand.
What was wrong with the furnace was a flipped switch. I DID check the switches before I called the repairman, every one but the one that was awry. The repairman, Tommy, flipped it and went away without payment, indeed waving off the checkbook I waved in front of his face. I told him nobody had been in the basement for weeks before the furnace episode. He suggested ghosts. I actually considered this, thinking of the ghost of the murdered son who might be dwelling somewhere in the house. I spoke into the air, “It’s all right; you’re welcome here. Just tell me what you need to be comfortable,” thinking that a prank every year or so is not too much to endure from a companionable spirit.
Paid off my BB&T Home Equity Loan, which was standing in the way of closing on 62. I’d taken it on speculation of future need, and almost all of it was still in the bank. But I was worried about paying for the pond and various items. It took me ten minutes to get $16000 from SECU, which apparently had my information from before and shifted money into my account as smooth as running water. I gaped at how easy that was, in comparison to the folderol imposed by the real estate lawyers. Though I delivered to them the bank receipt confirming that I had paid off and closed the equity account, the paralegal said that attorney would need a further note from the bank so that he might be “completely satisfied.” I said that I was not going back to the bank, that all the information was on the receipt and that he would need to be content with that. She dropped it. We’ll see whether it really mattered. I hate with blistering hatred fussing and bothering which I know to be unnecessary.
Reeling from so many things which might have gone badly not having done so.

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