Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 9, 2016

Woke after a marathon of amazing dreams with a buoyant sense of well-being. I was certain that I had a vanilla milkshake with me, and searched the room for it for a moment before understanding it was the stuff of dreams. During the dreams I would wake briefly, and when I sank back I would be in the middle of a new Broadway finale, with new gorgeous costumes and new dance numbers, singing songs of real wit, that I wish I could remember now. It was the opposite of an actor’s nightmare, for we were brilliant, and I was brilliant doing my little turn in the dazzling company. One of the songs admonished men who were having trouble dating women to try to seduce a man, an experience that would, according to the song, prepare a straight guy for anything a girl would throw at him. The title and recurring line of the song was “Put a Little Leather in It.”

Spent the morning in the studio, where I was happy. At around noon the girl squad arrived across the hall, and I swear to God there was not one single moment not full of tittering. I looked, and they were full grown women. They have pasted drawing by their children or students on the wall, with little price tags under them. Sweet. Reached the end of my titter tolerance and came home, dragging three works to the framer.

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