Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 6, 2016

Epiphany. If I go back through my voluminous, pointless writings I will find the passage from forty seven years ago, where I first began to record my life. Watched for the third morning the passage of the slim moon and her radiant companion across the south, in deep blue in the hour before dawn. Juggling one thing and another, managed to get my rental car returned and retrieve my own dear one in one swoop. My driver’s brother-in-law is a new student at UNCA. We discussed why minority students have such a hard time there. Dave, the owner at the body shop is burly and humorous and manly and almost irresistibly attractive to me. I said to him, “I hope not to see you again,” and he thought I meant the bother of getting my car fixed, whereas I meant something else entirely. The money paid me by my insurance is a solid hundred more than it actually cost. I will set this down as the opening salvo of an auspicious year. Have essentially finished Uranium 235. Wept at the ending, which is a good sign. Back to choir I think tonight, though I have no impetus but habit. The house is cold. I’m only comfortable when I’m asleep. Or inebriated. Dreamed this morning that I was the captain of a research ship that studied whales, and studied them by capturing them temporarily in huge containers attached to the sides of the ship. They were strange whales, with sharp angles and bright colors, as though they had descended from starfish. Dreams of water and sea life are auspicious for me.

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