Saturday, January 16, 2016

January 16, 2016

JD conveys a commission to write for him a text about dragons to set for his youth choir. He gives me Shel Silverstein as a model. It sounds unlikely, but I sat in High 5 and wrote merrily, so perhaps it is already done. Left the cafĂ© and made for the studio. As usual, Steve and I were the only ones there, his dedication, or should I say obsessiveness, like a bent bow. A number of tourists came. Except that they all admire the light, you never know what they’re thinking. Painted well, fighting off the ache in my shoulder that makes it hard to lift a brush, among so many other things.
Felt phlebitis rising in my leg, fought it off. Bless antibiotics.
Made an omelet of surpassing excellence.
My life is awry, in not a bad way, but simply a way that is awry. Maybe just need to settle into a routine for the semester. Watched seven different kinds of birds in the Wells Fargo hedge.

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