Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 22, 2015

Lovely breakfast with C, whose life is stunningly more complicated than mine. I have striven for and achieved a kind of simplicity. This is both good and bad, but, in the end, according to my nature. I smiled for hours after leaving him. He said he left Asheville because he was beginning to smell of desperation. I’ve gone through a couple cycles of smelling of desperation, and yet stayed put. Then with DJ to see the new Star Wars, which in terms of achieved artifact is the best of them all. Gorged on, wallowed in the night off. Woke to the news that the music is to be further neutered to accommodate our incompetence. My defenses were down, and I actually shed tears. Will fight this tonight. It is better to fall short than not to try for the noble thing. Why doesn’t the acrobat just dance on the ground? Fed up. Smooth wet morning. I sat in High Five and admired the gentle, handsome men, and wrote.

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